There is no doubt in the fact that the baby born to Yasodha was Yogmaya sister of Krishna in one sense. However, a question comes here that why Yasodha gave birth to Yogmaya, where he was a devotee of Vishnu, from full heart? Firstly let me tell you, that a boy child or a girl child – This all is a maya and a game for Yogmaya only. She is one and all and where she needs a male shape, she assumes that and where she needs a female shape she assumes that.

How Yashoda found Yogmaya sister of Krishna

Secondly, Yasodha performed Kartikeya Brata to get a son like Kartika, the son of Parvati. This was followed by the Gopis too, who wished to get Krishna as their son. However, Kartikeya Brata is the practice to please Devi Uma and this is often referred by many to be the reason why Uma or Yogmaya was borne to Yasodha.

Rebirth of Yogmaya

It is true that Yogmaya sister of Krishna took birth in human form, gave pain to her mother for nine months, and thus she will not turn out the rule of the world and go away by just alarming Kamsa, and that has been earlier established by us in other article. Since she has taken birth, she will complete the human cycle and then only leave. Keeping that in view, many says that Subhadra was that daughter child of Yasodha. However, there is a problem here to accept this as truth. It has been said in the book of the Mahabharata that Subhadra was much younger to both Krishna Balarama and hence was much beloved to both of them too. Yogmaya sister of Krishna and Krishna was born on the same date and hence “Subhadra is Yogmaya” cannot be true.

Truth about Subhadra

Now question is if Subhadra is not Yogmaya, then where does Yogmaya goes? Here, one thing has to be understood very much clearly. The words of Mahabharata of Vyasa made a great Jugglery here. He says, Krishna Arjuna are Narayana and Nara. Now Nara is none but a form of the Lord Shiva and hence he will be meeting Uma for sure, where Uma cannot be a wife to others, but to him only. However, here another question comes. Why that is Subhadra and not Chitrangada or Ulupi, the other wives of Arjuna, who married to Arjuna alone? This time Vishnu Purana makes the jugglery. Krishna tells Yogmaya in the Kshatri Parvat episode that He, in his ram Avatar, could not care his sister Sampa, but this time he is surely going to care her, since she is his only sister.

You must have checked all the words used. Now here one thing is to be noticed that Yogmaya is in the divine format and Krishna was in an incarnated format. Hence wishes of his were to be fulfilled and hence after residing on the Vindhya, for a full 12 years, she took birth herself as the baby daughter to Rohini, another wife of Vasudeva and actively taken path but silently to protect the race of Pandavas.

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