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Duryodhana cursed by Maitrayee

Mahabharata book, Mahabharata Parvas, Mahabharata Story
Dhritarashtra expels Vidura, as he counsels to leave Duryodhana. Vidura reaches Pandavas in Kamyaka forest and later Dhritarashtra brings him back through Sanjay. Vyasa reaches Dhritarashtra and counsels the same thing. He makes him alert that Rishi Maitrayee will soon reach him. Hence, Duryodhana must react properly before him. However, Duryodhana won’t act perfectly and for that Maitrayee curses Duryodhana badly for his evil deeds and arrogant attitude.

Yudhisthira gets copper vessel with inexhaustible foods in Vana Parva

Mahabharata book, Mahabharata Parvas, Mahabharata Story
As Pandavas, dressed in deer skin and tree barks went to the forest, they were followed by immense subjects. All the subjects of Hastinapura and Indrasena were successfully returned by the eldest son of Pandu with pleasing words in Vana parva, but the Brahmanas including Saunaka remained. Feeding them regularly made Yudhisthira worried. Dauma, the priest of Pandavas grants the Surya Mantra to Yudhisthira and on chanting that, Yudhisthira gets boon from Surya Deva in Vana Parva of Mahabharata.
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