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Fertility Treatment during Mahabharata

fertility treatment mahabharata
Vyasa applies high level science during Birth of Kauravas. The science applied during the process is similar to that of Today's Fertility treatment, but much different to the present practice. Difference lies in the artificial process that has been kept in parity to nature's process. This makes it the advance science during Mahabharata times, which is even absent these days.

Who are Pandavas – The Mukhalinga Philosophy

who are pandavas
Pandavas are often compared with Indra or Sun, for their glorified image, righteousness and power. Arjuna is said as Rishi Nara, but what exactly is the connection between the five brothers, who seem to be five bodies with a single soul. Here is the best ever philosophical article about Pandavas, published for the first time ever on internet. Read the article to know details of Pandava's relation, their relation with Draupadi and Krishna. This one is a must read article.

How many times Karna and Arjuna fought each other

karna and arjuna
Karna always wished to compete Arjuna and claim the position of best archer. There are several times, they faced each other. Know the occasions when they faced each other and also note the results of the fights.

How did Duryodhana Crown Karna | Mahabharata Unanswered

Duryodhana crown karna mahabharata unanswered
No body stopped him doing that even, Why?

Drona and Eklavya – The Secrets of Mahabharata

drona and eklavya
Why Drona asked such a venomous gurudakshina from little Eklavya

Drona and Karna – The Secrets of Mahabharata

Drona and Karna
Karna wished Drona as preceptor, when denied his journey of deceit started

Pandu cursed by Kindama in Mahabharat – Why?

In Mahabharat, King Pandu once used Sabda Vedi and accidentally killed Kindama Rishi. He apologized for his action, but still he was cursed. Generally, Hindu Rishis do not curse someone if he/she apologizes for his/her action. Then why did Kindama curse Pandu? There is no analysis on this topic all over internet. So be the first one to know the hidden truth of Mahabharat.

Age of Pandavas during Kurukshetra war

age of pandavas
Arjuna was 55 during the Kurukshetra war. There are many calculations on internet which says Arjuna was 89 during Mahabharata war. However It is the most awkward thing since, it miscalculates the age of Abhimanyu and the age of Arjuna during his birth.

Shakuni revenge – The real story with proof

There are many Hoax on the internet that goes on shouting that Shakuni took his revenge rightly and he was basically a Hero. I don' know why there is a keenness among the people today to proof the villains of Ramayana and Mahabharata as heroes..

How could King Shantanu Give Iccha mrityu boon to Bhishma

iccha mrityu
O Son, You will die only at your wish. No one, not even Yama, the god of Death can claim your life, unless you wish to hand it over to him. How can Shantanu, who is a mere Human deliver such a boon like iccha mrityu, which is like onto the boon to be immortal, which even Brahma and Vishnu fails to provide?
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