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Pandava Vows in Mahabharata Book

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Different tales of Mahabharata Book suggests that Pandavas were much more stronger and capable in war, as compared to Kauravas and all other warriors of Bharata. They were much more powerful and along with that Brahmacharya of 12 years (suggested by Vidura) will make them even more powerful. But Karna and Duryodhana were also powerful. Still why they became afraid? What were the vows, which made them so much afraid?

4 Proofs of Splendid Draupadi intelligence

Draupadi Intellgence Mahabharata Story
Draupadi has been one of the prime characters of Mahabharata story. However, she is remembered more for her different type of birth, for her five husbands and for the outstanding feat at her Swayamvar. Another incidence is also there where Draupadi is remembered by the Mahabharata story analysts and that is her role in the kurukshetra war. Most often the thing is forgotten that Draupadi remained one of the most intelligent characters of entire Mahabharata. Her intelligence is quite evident in the Dice game episode of Mahabharata story. In fact, there are four distinctive situations, in the story, where her high level of intellect is explicit. Here are those four areas:

Yudhisthira could have stopped Panadava Disaster during Dice game

Yudhisthira at Dice Game Mahabharata History
Yudhisthira, according to Mahabharata History, throughout his life remained a person, who always acted in the righteous path, as directed by Kshatriya rules. But righteousness doesn’t necessarily mean submissiveness. The one who has been mentioned to be perfect according to righteousness rule of Kshatriya act is lord Rama. At time of punishing the wicked ones, he also showed aggressiveness. Hence, aggressiveness of a Kshatriya is not a practice which is unrighteous. So, Yudhisthira was basically soft minded and heartily person, along with righteousness, who feared confrontation at battlefield, as he showed during Udyog Parva of Mahabharata. However, if he would have been a little aggressive, he could have stopped the disaster of Pandavas during Dice Game. See How –

5 Filthy Practices of Duryodhana still in Practice

Sabhakriya Mahabharata Story
There is a word called - “What is not in Bharata, that is not in the entire world”. The Word is absolute truth. You will understand very well from today’s episode. As we narrate the Dice game episode of Mahabharata, you will find that Duryodhana practiced some filthy means, which are very much in use now. According to the scripts, Duryodhana was the incarnation of Kali Demon. So, this is his rule now. Hence, it is quite meaningful, if practices started by him are practiced widely now and that is happening too. The five filthy practices narrated in this episode of Mahabharata story will also narrate the entire Dice game episode of Sabha Parva. So, let us start stating the background first.

Haranaharan Parva

Haranaharan Parva of Adi Parva is the chapter, where three major historical events happened. The first of them is breaking of Draupadi’s Vows. Draupadi had the Vow that no other wives of Pandavas shall reside in the abode of Indraprastha. Sister of Keshav, and fourth and last wife of Arjuna, Subhadra broke the vow. The second incidence is the birth of the Hero – Abhimanyu, who bore the only lamp of Pandava dynasty for the next 2000 years. Finally, sons of Draupadi were born to all the five Pandavas. Upanayan Sangaskar of all the six kids, along with their lesson of Vedas and Weaponry from Arjuna ends the chapter of Haranaharan parva.

Rajyalabh Parva

Rajyalabh Parva
Dhritarashtra convinces Bhishma to take vow, so that he always remains at his side. Then sends Pandavas to Kahndavpratha, the dense forest at the banks of Yamuna. Pandavas built up Indraprastha. Narada reaches Pandavas and suggests them to make a rule about sharing Draupadi. The five brothers fixes up the rule of sharing Draupadi.

Viduragaman Parva

Pandava Builts Indraprastha - Viduragaman Parva
Bhishma convinces Dhritarashtra about the fact that Pandavas are alive and residing in Panchal and they should be brought back. Dhritarashtra confirms to bring Pandavas back and Vidura sent to Panchal, to bring them back to Hastinapura.

Vaivahika Parva – Mahabharata Parvas

As Dhristadyumna narrates everything he have seen to Drupada and confirms that the potter Brahmins are actually Pandavas in disguise, Drupada arranges royal arrangements and happily appoints Draupadi in the hands of Pandavas. Pandavas were offered various gifts including royal gestures, weapons, missiles and royal foods and clothes. Pandavas reside there in Panchala for a full year.

Who are Pandavas – The Mukhalinga Philosophy

who are pandavas
Pandavas are often compared with Indra or Sun, for their glorified image, righteousness and power. Arjuna is said as Rishi Nara, but what exactly is the connection between the five brothers, who seem to be five bodies with a single soul. Here is the best ever philosophical article about Pandavas, published for the first time ever on internet. Read the article to know details of Pandava's relation, their relation with Draupadi and Krishna. This one is a must read article.

Draupadi becomes common wife of Pandavas

wife of Pandavas
Draupadi taken to the potter house after Arjuna wins her in Swayamvar Sabha. Kunti states to distribute the alms brought by the five brothers. Yudhisthira decides Draupadi to be their common wife. Krishna reaches Pandavas with Balaram. Dhristadyumna observes everything from shade and informs the same to Drupada, the King.
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