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6 Extraordinary feats of Bal Krishna

Shri Krishna is regarded to be the best of Incarnations on earth, but do killing of some demons indicate the same? Demons had been punished to death by Balram also, by Bhima too. So are they all the best incarnations? The main proof of incarnation is salvation. Paving the path towards salvation, providing salvation are the major two things that proofs one to be an incarnation. Here are the six extraordinary feats of Bal Krishna that indicates and establishes him to be the best of incarnations.

8 Demons killed by Bal Krishna

Activities of Bal Krishna at Gokul is something that makes lots of TV series. At his childhood, one of the main activities of his was to kill the Demon army of Kansa. Those includes some enormous and most powerful demons, with lots of black-magical skills. Here is the list of those killed by Bal Krishna, as described in Bhagabat Purana. Many TV Series do telecast other demons too, but they are not mentioned in the main book.

5 Filthy Practices of Duryodhana still in Practice

Sabhakriya Mahabharata Story
There is a word called - “What is not in Bharata, that is not in the entire world”. The Word is absolute truth. You will understand very well from today’s episode. As we narrate the Dice game episode of Mahabharata, you will find that Duryodhana practiced some filthy means, which are very much in use now. According to the scripts, Duryodhana was the incarnation of Kali Demon. So, this is his rule now. Hence, it is quite meaningful, if practices started by him are practiced widely now and that is happening too. The five filthy practices narrated in this episode of Mahabharata story will also narrate the entire Dice game episode of Sabha Parva. So, let us start stating the background first.

Sisupala Vadh

Sisupala Vadh
Sisupala Vadh Parva in Sabha Parva endues with different facts and figures, when supported with Rajasuyika Parva. The entire historical story of Mahabharata is a game plan of Shri Hari himself, where all Pandavas were instruments only. However, in that entire historical base of instrumentation too, there were some of the Powers, who were destined to be perished at the hands of Krishna himself. Sisupala was one of them, who in his earlier birth was Ravana and according to the curse to Jaya and Vijay, this was their last incarnation and foes to Hari. With the death of Sisupala, almost all who were destined to die in the hands of Krishna perishes, except Paundrik, thus taking the Bharata to the last editions.

Krishna Janmastami

Janmastami is the birthday of Shri Krishna, the greatest incarnation of Lord on earth. Krishna is not any deity and nor even any saint. He is rather an embodied personality of Nirvana. Lord Ramakrishna said, that only an incarnation can keep his body, even after attaining salvation. Krishna is one among few worldly characters, who lived a full life after nirvana. In fact, he was born with complete salvation on the eve of Janmastami. Every time such a person is borne, he takes birth with specific intentions. In case of Krishna, he was born as an incarnation of Karma or scientific work. Life activities can be narrated afterwards even. Let’s start Krishna episode on Janmastami with his birth.

Jarasandha Vadh

Jarasandha Vadha Parva
Jarasandha Vadha is one of the most important episodes of the Sabha Parva, the second book of Mahabharata. In this episode, high intelligence of Krishna and excellent strength of Bhima, both are displayed. Here Krishna follows disguise to enter the abode of Jarasandha and reach before him, but skilfully presents their identity before the king too. Thus in this lesson, Krishna gives a vital message that different means can be adopted for giving a better chance to success, but the final work must be done with perfect honesty and transparency. Jarasandha, finding that his foes are before him also wished to give a fight and chose Bhima as his contender. Finally Bhima slaughtered the King to end the episode.

Yudhisthira counselled for Rajasuya Yagna

Political Science lesson by Narada Muni
Rajasuya Yagna counselling to Yudhisthira was initially provided by Narada muni in the Rajasuyarambha parva of Sabha parva. Narada Muni, who according to his wish can travel any parts of Universe, said that it was the wish of King Pandu that Yudhisthira must convey Rajasuya yagna of great fame. All the friends and allies of Yudhisthira also agreed to the fact, but Yudhisthira’s mind was not pleased unless he asked the same to Hrishikesh. Krishna on hearing the same agreed to the king about Rajasuya, but foretold a challenge the king would face. He also gave a resolution to the challenge at the end, that pleased the king.

Khandava Dahan Parva

Khandava Dahan Parva is a very important chapter of Adi Parva, where Arjuna receives Gandiva and two inexhaustible quivers, Krishna receives Sudarshan Chakra, Kapidhwaj Chariot is received by Arjuna. This is again the chapter, where from enmity of Pandavas and Takshak starts. Due to this enmity, son of Takshak, Ashvasen attacked Arjuna while in battle with Karna. For his enmity, Takshak killed Parikshit, and for this enmity, Janmejaya arranged Sarpa Nidhan Yagna. The starting of Khandava Dahan parva was when Agni, in disguise of a Brahmana reached Krishna Arjuna and sought help to burn down the forest of Khandava. Takshak, the Naga Chief resided in the forest and was a friend of Indra. So, Indra protected the forest from burning by Agni. And it was due to a curse to Agni, for which his hunger will never be pacified unless he consumes the Khandava forest. The historical episode of Khandava Dahan starts from there.

How can Putna suckle Lord Krishna in Putna Vadh Parva?

I searched for the answer and ultimately got it from the Putna Vadh Parva Gargacharya work in his Garga Samhita.

Was Subhadra Yogmaya sister of Krishna

It is true that Yogmaya took birth in human form, gave pain to her mother for nine months, and thus she will not turn out the rule of the world and go away by just alarming Kamsa, and that has been earlier established by us in other article. Since she has taken birth, she will complete the human cycle and then only leave.
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