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Khandava Dahan Parva

Khandava Dahan Parva is a very important chapter of Adi Parva, where Arjuna receives Gandiva and two inexhaustible quivers, Krishna receives Sudarshan Chakra, Kapidhwaj Chariot is received by Arjuna. This is again the chapter, where from enmity of Pandavas and Takshak starts. Due to this enmity, son of Takshak, Ashvasen attacked Arjuna while in battle with Karna. For his enmity, Takshak killed Parikshit, and for this enmity, Janmejaya arranged Sarpa Nidhan Yagna. The starting of Khandava Dahan parva was when Agni, in disguise of a Brahmana reached Krishna Arjuna and sought help to burn down the forest of Khandava. Takshak, the Naga Chief resided in the forest and was a friend of Indra. So, Indra protected the forest from burning by Agni. And it was due to a curse to Agni, for which his hunger will never be pacified unless he consumes the Khandava forest. The historical episode of Khandava Dahan starts from there.
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