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Sisupala Vadh

Sisupala Vadh
Sisupala Vadh Parva in Sabha Parva endues with different facts and figures, when supported with Rajasuyika Parva. The entire historical story of Mahabharata is a game plan of Shri Hari himself, where all Pandavas were instruments only. However, in that entire historical base of instrumentation too, there were some of the Powers, who were destined to be perished at the hands of Krishna himself. Sisupala was one of them, who in his earlier birth was Ravana and according to the curse to Jaya and Vijay, this was their last incarnation and foes to Hari. With the death of Sisupala, almost all who were destined to die in the hands of Krishna perishes, except Paundrik, thus taking the Bharata to the last editions.

Viduragaman Parva

Pandava Builts Indraprastha - Viduragaman Parva
Bhishma convinces Dhritarashtra about the fact that Pandavas are alive and residing in Panchal and they should be brought back. Dhritarashtra confirms to bring Pandavas back and Vidura sent to Panchal, to bring them back to Hastinapura.

Bhishma Amba Story

Bhishma Amba Episode
Bhishma Amba Story stages : Bhishma wins 3 princes of Kashi, Amba leaves to meet her lover Salva, Salva denies to accept, Amba approaches Parashurama, Bhishma Parashurama fight, Amba gets boon from Shiva.

How could King Shantanu Give Iccha mrityu boon to Bhishma

iccha mrityu
O Son, You will die only at your wish. No one, not even Yama, the god of Death can claim your life, unless you wish to hand it over to him. How can Shantanu, who is a mere Human deliver such a boon like iccha mrityu, which is like onto the boon to be immortal, which even Brahma and Vishnu fails to provide?
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