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Arjuna is also known as Sabyasachi, Kiriti, Jishnu, Partha, Dhananjaya, Falguna. He was the incarnation of Rishi Nara and was an impartial part of Shri Krishna.
Arjuna was the third and the middle one among the Pandava brothers and was a famous warrior. He is still regarded as the best among warriors and the very best in Archery skill. His archery skill and to be best in that is debated by many, but his war ethics and warrior reputation is beyond all limits. It is said that, leaving incarnations, there is none who was so much perfect as him, while considered the different war formats. Arjuna, also known by six other names, is the only human to be a complete warrior, having skills of handling all weapons, during Mahabharata time. Beyond that, all the formats of war was known to him and that makes him the perfect warrior, without any debate.

Pandava Vows in Mahabharata Book

Mahabharata book, Mahabharata Parvas, Mahabharata Story
Different tales of Mahabharata Book suggests that Pandavas were much more stronger and capable in war, as compared to Kauravas and all other warriors of Bharata. They were much more powerful and along with that Brahmacharya of 12 years (suggested by Vidura) will make them even more powerful. But Karna and Duryodhana were also powerful. Still why they became afraid? What were the vows, which made them so much afraid?

Ancient India Map – Arjuna Digvijay

Ancient India Map - Arjuna Digvijay
After Jarasandha Vadh, Arjuna counselled Yudhisthira to maximize the wealth of Indraprastha for the purpose of Rajasuya Yagna and hence went for Digvijay to the North. The path followed by Dhananjaya frames the most integrated part of Ancient India Map of the northern Region. This episode of narrates the entire journey of Arjuna in his digvijay and also frames the Ancient India Map, by following the march of Partha and matching the description of the book of Sabha parva with present India map.

Khandava Dahan Parva

Khandava Dahan Parva is a very important chapter of Adi Parva, where Arjuna receives Gandiva and two inexhaustible quivers, Krishna receives Sudarshan Chakra, Kapidhwaj Chariot is received by Arjuna. This is again the chapter, where from enmity of Pandavas and Takshak starts. Due to this enmity, son of Takshak, Ashvasen attacked Arjuna while in battle with Karna. For his enmity, Takshak killed Parikshit, and for this enmity, Janmejaya arranged Sarpa Nidhan Yagna. The starting of Khandava Dahan parva was when Agni, in disguise of a Brahmana reached Krishna Arjuna and sought help to burn down the forest of Khandava. Takshak, the Naga Chief resided in the forest and was a friend of Indra. So, Indra protected the forest from burning by Agni. And it was due to a curse to Agni, for which his hunger will never be pacified unless he consumes the Khandava forest. The historical episode of Khandava Dahan starts from there.

Subhadra Haran Parva

Subhadhra haran
Subhadra Haran Parva can be regarded to be the most important chapter of not only Adi Parva book, but of the entire Mahabharata. This is the chapter for which the Pandava Prince, Abhimanyu was born and that was the hero, whose son became the first ruler of Bharat (India 3000 BC) of Kali Yuga. In fact, the reason of Arjuna Vanavas can also be identified well from here. Even the great purpose of intervention of Narada muni to instigate Pandavas on making rule of Draupadi sharing can even be partially explored from henceforth historical episodes. This chapter encloses coming of Arjuna to Dwarka, his residing at Prabhasa, Subhadra Haran, Krishna’s suggestion to Yadavas and acceptance of Arjuna.

Arjuna meets Hanuman in Mahabharata

hanuman in mahabharata
Hanuman and Bhima meeting is known to all, but some stories claim meeting of Hanuman with Arjuna even. The historical story of Hanuman in Mahabharata is not available in the book of Mahabharata or even in Bhagabat Purana. But Wikipedia claims that to be true. However, it depends on the readers how much trust they can put on Wikipedia regarding historical stories, putting aside Mahabharata and Purana. According to the story of Hanuman in Mahabharata, Arjuna reached Rameshwaram and there he exclaims why Lord Rama relied on the Banar sena for the bridge, when he could have built the same with his arrows. A monkey claims that an arrow bridge could not have carried the weight of the Banar Sena. Arjuna builds a bridge of arrow and the monkey with his pressure breaks it and challenges Arjuna, where ultimately Krishna intervenes and the monkey reveals its identity as Hanuman. Finally, Arjuna was given a boon to carry kapidhwaj flag on his chariot, where Hanuman will put the weight, so that the cart cannot be moved.

Arjuna Chitrangada Episode

Arjuna Chitrangada
Marriage with Chitrangada was when Arjuna reached Manipur Palace. He found daughter of Chitravahana as wonderfully beautiful and falls in her love. Because of his handsome nature, the king allowed marriage of Chitrangada to Arjuna, but she lived in Manipur only. This was due to the wish of Draupadi, that she will remain the only wife of Pandavas in the palace of Indraprastha, as well as of Chitrvahana, since he had her as the only child. Later Arjuna visited five tanks of Manipur and rescues Varga. From Chitrangada, sprang one son for Arjuna, named Babrubahan. Afterwards in Mahabharata, a fierce battle took place between Arjuna and Babrubahan.

Arjuna Ulupi Episode

Arjuna Ulupi
Ulupi was the second wife of Arjuna. She was affected by the beauty of Arjuna in Arjuna Vanavas Parva and took him to the deep water for a game. Arjuna refused her to marry in Mahabharata, when Ulupi asked for the same, stating that Draupadi claimed that no other wives of Pandavas must reside in Indraprastha Palace. However, Ulupi convinced Falguna that he can marry other ladies. The only thing he cannot do is to take them to the palace and she only wants a night from him. Thus was the marriage of Arjuna and Ulupi in Arjuna Vanavas Parva. All the things with life of Arjuna and Krishna happened with a different angle and these marriages too have such angles. From Ulupi, Arjuna got a child, named Iravan of great strength.

Arjuna Vanvas

Arjuna Vanvas
The sharing rule regarding Draupadi instigated Arjuna Vanvas, whose effect can be even found after the entire incidence of Mahabharata. Arjuna accepts and goes for a 12 year exile in this episode and that is directly linked with the sharing rule of Draupadi. Though, from no point of angle, arjuna should be guilty for his acts in this episode, still Arjuna blames himself for all and accepts the Arjuna Vanvas of 12 years. The episode is not having high level incidences, but it includes a high level of justice and morality, that can even frame an entire society.  Importance of Arjuna Vanvas is not mere one though. In fact, the Chapter of Arjuna Vanavas Parva is the most important chapter in the entire book, as good effect of that is carried from 3200 BC till 500 BC in Indian History.

How many times Karna and Arjuna fought each other

karna and arjuna
Karna always wished to compete Arjuna and claim the position of best archer. There are several times, they faced each other. Know the occasions when they faced each other and also note the results of the fights.
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