Shakuni Revenge  – A story that can be found in many translations, but not in the original scripts. Mahabharata is a 5000 year old epic and the scripts were originally written in Sanskrit. Since the language is known to little now, it has been translated to different languages and translation essentially means interpolation. Interpolation of Mahabharata is sure to happen then and it happened in different places of the epic. Shakuni revenge is the first instance of such interpolation, where original scripts of Mahabharata differs a lot from the translated ones.

Interpolated story of Shakuni revenge

The tale states that Gandhari, in her birth chart had a chance, which showed that she will have two husbands, first of whom will die. To accomplish that and to protect the Kuru prince Dhritarashtra, she was married to a goat at the starting and then she was married to Dhritarashtra. However, as Dhritarashtra came to know that he immediately made all the princes and royal family members  of Gandhar captive and supplied food of only one member to the prisoners. The prisoners ate none, but supplied all those to Shakuni, the youngest of sons of Suvala and rest all died. Due to this reason, Shakuni came back to the palace of Hastinapur and stayed there to take the famous Shakuni revenge on the full family of Kuru.

Interpretation on Story

Take a look at the story. The concept of remarriage due to some astrological reason was not at all there in the entire phase of Mahabharata. If that would have been true, then it should had been a big issue regarding curse of Pandu and his death. If now some says that it was a custom of that region or the custom of Gandhar, then also there are many things to share. Gandhar is present now even, although the old Hindus of the locality are replaced by the Islams. The region is now called Pakistan. Although Islams are the main inhabitant of the place for the last 1000 years, different tribes of Hindu were there even before the independence of the place from the hands of British. Still, this custom is never found in any of the ancient tribes. This culture grew later in parts of Bengal, Maharashtra and elsewhere.

According to the Markandya Purana, as Yuga will proceed the astrological factors will govern human more. When at the extreme level of Kali Yuga, efforts and works of Human will have less value and astrological phenomenon will not only show signs of auspiciousness, but fully control human life. 

The Ultimate Truth of Shakuni Revenge

Yes, I also feel that Shakuni was after some revenge. If we look down to the Mahabharat Stories, we will find that Shakuni felt the need to come back to Hastinapura, after Pandu was selected king and Dhritarashtra was rejected. All the events was blamed upon Bhishma and hence intention of Shakuni was initially destruction of Hastinapura, which is also the kingdom of Bhishma. However, his views changed finding that his nieces are becoming powerful. But as soon as he found that the sons of Pandu are equal in power and virtuous too, he tried to absorb deceit and continued to protect his nephew, so that his own sister remains the chief queen of Hastinapura. Hence Shakuni had not planned the entire thing and his intention, although at the beginning was to destroy the Kurus, but at the later half, he tried his best to make Gandhari and his family all and one of Hastinapura, where he failed to succeed as deceit never finds the last smile. 

The Biggest Truth about Shakuni Revenge

Now, here is an exclamation mark too. There are many Hoax on the internet that goes on shouting that Shakuni took his Shakuni revenge rightly and he was basically a Hero. I don’ know why there is a keenness among the people today to proof the villains of Ramayana and Mahabharata as heroes.. Might be due to the effect of Kali Demon!!??!! However, I have got some proof regarding the same, which will keep the mouth of Hoaxes shut down. Just get through that proof from here.

gandhars Attacked Iravan - No Shakuni Revenge at all

Story of Eighth day of Kurukshetra War

Iravan, the son of Arjuna from his wife Ulupi, whom he married in Nagaloka, was attacked by the full clan of Gandhar. Vyasa might have predicted that the rubbish stories will come up in the future. hence he discloses the name of the princes who attacked Iravan. Here goes the names – Gaya, Gavaksha, Vrishav, Charmavat, Arjav, Suka and sons of Shakuni, assisted by one Akshayini soldiers.

What the interpolated story of Shakuni Revenge actually means 

The story essentially says that none of the Gandhar family could escape death except Shakuni. Am I right? Shakuni had his wife Arshi and two sons – Ulluka and Vrikasura. So, the story says that there cannot be any member of Gandhar family except Shakuni himself, his two sons and his wife. Fine! Now check this story of the Kurukshetra war, which is mentioned even in the Bengali translated Mahabharata, where interpolated story is also present.

The Big Question??

Now tell me one thing -Where from these princes of Gandhar came from, when none other than Shakuni, his sons and his wife was alive from the Gandhar Clan?? Have you any answer?? You cannot have. Hence, the story about Gandhar prince killing by Hastinapura, along with Shakuni Revenge story is a complete interpolation and shouts of the hoaxes, who makes article just to grab traffic to the site.

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