As Yogmaya alarms Kamsa about the birth of eighth boy of Devki in Gokul, Kamsa sent Putna to Gokul for killing the baby. What happened next is known to you. If you do not know the Putna Vadh story, you can read it from here. However, from the story, a big question comes up. I don’t know whether the question came to your mind or not, but it definitely came to me – How could Putna, being a demon or a witch, could feed Krishna her breast milk?

Putna feeding Breast Milk to Krishna – Intro to Putna Vadh

Yes it is a matter of great fortune to feed someone breast milk. When that fortune is through Lord, I mean when that fortune is by feeding breast milk to Lord himself, then definitely there must be a question mark in it, even if you consider the same as Krishna leela.

In case of Krishna, even his own mother, Devki, could not feed him her own breast milk. Just imagine the case with Putna. How could she get that opportunity?

Vaman with Wife of Bali

Getting answer from Putna Vadh Parva

I searched for the answer and ultimately got it from the Putna Vadh Parva Gargacharya work in his Garga Samhita. According to Garga Samhita, where Maharshi Garga stated definite astrology and Krishna’s childhood days, Putna was the daughter to MahaBali, or Maveli, the grandson of Prahlada. It was Krishna or the lord himself, who was adorned in the form of Vamana, to suppress Maveli. He went to his Kingdom in order to suppress him in the disguise of a Vamana (miniature form of Human). By looking at his divine beauty, daughter of Maveli, wished to suckle this young child. However, as she found that he assumed the form of a huge God and acquired everything of her father in three steps, she wished to attack him, but could not do that, since his father was a great personality.

Wish fulfilling by Krishna – Mystery of Putna Vadh

Lord recorded all the wishes of her heart and gave the results in the birth of Krishna. In the birth of Krishna, she assumes the form of Putna and she got the opportunity to suckle Lord himself. At the same time, she was suckling the baby with an intention to kill him. Hence her second wish was also fulfilled. This is what Krishna leela is. You can keep an eye on all the episodes of Krishna leela too at Wikipurana. Just click here and you will reach the place where all of Krishna’s activities are available, including Putna Vadh episode.

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