Pandu cursed by Kindama in Mahabharat – Why?

In Mahabharata, King Pandu once used Sabda Vedi and accidentally killed Kindama Rishi. He apologized for his action, but still he was cursed. Generally, Hindu Rishis do not curse someone if he/she apologizes for his/her action. Then why did Kindama curse Pandu? There is no analysis on this topic all over internet. So be the first one to know the hidden truth of Mahabharata.

Pandu curse by Kindama rishi in Mahabharat, there are only two characters – Pandu and Kindama Rishi. Pandu was the king of Hastinapur and later he became the father of Pandavas, namely Yudhisthir, Bhim, Arjun, Nakul and Sahadev. Kindama Rishi, in his short role in Mahabharat, can be known as a rishi, who was ashamed of making intercourse with human. Hence he assumed deer form to meet with a she deer.

Historcial timing of Pandu Curse by Kindama in Mahabharat

Historical timing of the story in Mahabharat is when Pandu married Madri and Kunti. He then went to forest for hunting. As he went to the forest, he used sabda vedi baan on a deer. The sound that came from the deer was of a man. That astonished the king and he soon rushed to the point.

The 'Curse' to Pandu by Kindama in Mahabharat

Pandu curse brings Panch Pandav Mahabharat History
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As he reached there in Mahabharat, he found that a Rishi was lying down in a posture of intercourse with a she-deer. Finding that to be a rishi, he soon apologized, but the rishi, Rishi Kindama, rebuked the king. Pandu again apologized saying that he would never have shot arrow, if he knew that that was a rishi. This word of the king enraged the rishi and he cursed him. The curse goes like this. Pandu will die whenever he will try to intimate with any human of opposite sex. Now a big question here is, why was Pandu curse so much heavily, even after his apology?

Analysis of why Pandu curse was given by Kindama in Mahabharat

Kindama was a vedic rishi in Mahabharat. So, lets check what Vedas says on this topic. According to the orders of Vedas, no one must be shot, while he or she is having food, she is feeding her baby, he or she is sleeping and he or she is having intercourse. Now, if we analyze the action and apology of king Pandu, then the outcome comes out like this. Pandu wished to shot a deer, knowing or unknowingly about the fact that it was in the process of intercourse. He apologized to the rishi, for the fact that he shot the arrow to a rishi, but never apologized for shooting a creature during intercourse. This was the reason why Kindama cursed pandu.

Conclusion to the Analysis

These rules are even followed by the wild beasts in the forest, till now. Basically, the fact is somewhat very much conceptual. During all the actions, stated above in Vedas, creatures are bound to stop at a place and they can do nothing to protect their life. If they are attacked by the hunter during that time, they have nothing to do, but to die. Moreover, all the four actions stated, are the basic needs of any biological creature. If they are hunted during that times even, then fear of death will stop their biological engagements too.

Pandu, the king, for this curse, sensed that fear very much in his heart and ultimately died of that fear only. He was cursed to sense that fear in his heart itself. He, at the end of his life, must have realized the truth. However, there is no declaration of such in mahabharat book.

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