How many times Karna and Arjuna fought each other

Karna and Arjuna faced each other in battle many times. Know the Occasions and Results

Karna and Arjuna had a bitter enmity between them in Mahabharata, although that was one sided. Arjuna never thought ever to compete with Karna or with anyone using his archery skills. He just wished to protect Dharma with the skills, he had. But on the other side, Arjuna’s praises to be the best archer, always invoked envy in Karna. Basically, the factor lies in their brought up. Arjuna had been brought up in a style by Kunti, Drona and Bhishma, that he always thought weaponry skills are to protect the kingdom and righteousness. On the other hand, Karna’s brought up as a warrior, was not mentored by anyone. Hence, archery was to him a game skill.

karna and arjuna

Karna and Arjuna were still treated to be rivals, since Karna always remained eager to fight Arjuna and Arjuna had to defend him with attack several times. Before their battle during Kurukshetra war, where Karna was rather punished for his evil acts, the duo met each other in battle several times. Here is a list of such meets.

At Swayamvar Sabha of Draupadi

After Draupadi was won by Arjuna, in disguise of a Brahmana, Duryodhana invoked all the Kshatriyas present in the Draupadi Swayamvar sabha to attack Drupada, the king. Arjuna single handed managed all the archers, including Karna. He pierced every single archer present there with feathery arrows, that pierced their body making deep wounds. Karna was also not left out. But, the bows that pierced Karna’s heart, making the armour red in blood, made Karna firmly believe that the man is none but Arjuna himself. In the Karna and Arjuna baffle, Arjuna again pierced him and faint him down. It seemed to Karna, that he got a chance to fight Arjuna affront, but couldn’t even stand before him. After gaining sense, Karna tried to attack Arjuna in Brahmana disguise, but his bow string was torn apart then and there by Arjuna.


Note here that the episodes that has been narrated here related to Karna and Arjuna fight are not yet complete. As the different books of Mahabharata will be narrated, the fighting episodes of Karna and Arjuna will be enhanced. And that will eventually end with Karna’s death in Karna parva book of Mahabharata. 

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