India History Before 3000 BC – The Search

The ancient and biggest epic of the world, Mahabharata, is not from India, but from Bharat, the glorious past of India. However, it was never considered to be History of India, unless Oppenheimer, the inventor of Nuclear weapon declared that he is just an inventor and not the discoverer of the atomic bomb.  It was discovered thousands of years back and has been widely used in the Mahabharata war. Everyone listened the word, but none replied. The first reply came from the US archaeology, when they started exploring the ancient past of India.

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Start of search of Indian History before 3000 BC
Dating of newly explored History
New Proofs Searched
Practical existence of Mahabharata revealed
New History established

History of India Before 3000 BC – Search Started with a Boom

Journey of exploration started from Harappa and Mahenjodaro, which was declared to be Sindh in ancient India or Bharat. As the exploration was going on, information started growing up and the soil with high radiant was explored. Radiation in soil is even more than that of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Here was a nuclear attack for sure – urged the scientists. They even needed more proofs and they were just before them. – Kid walking on the main street, holding hands of parents. Yes, skeleton format. But how can be that a death picture?? Yes, it was since all the three persons were unaware of the effect of the weapon used.

Dating made to Newly Explored Indian History​

Dating was made and the time revealed is before 3000 BC. Wow Amazing! But this was not the spot where the Mahabharata war was fought. Then? Mahabharata, umm! History says, Arjuna was attacked by the Sindh, after the Kurukshetra war and he abolished the entire race, with one weapon. Is the effect of the weapon such devastating?? Must be!!ontent. Click edit button to change this text.

In Search of More Proofs​

Now, exploration took its pace. They got their needed oxygen and no one can stop them to reach the peak now. Hastinapura, referred by history to be damaged by dangerous flood of Ganga, was unearthed. Found awkward things all dating back to 5000 years from the time. Purana Kila unearthed by ASI. Its still going on. Chakrabuha explored, Vimana of 5000 years in age explored! Still something is missing!! Where is the Hero?? The Krishna! Here he goes – Dwarka lifted up from the Arabian Sea. Wow! Now there is no doubt. – Eureka Mahabharata is not an epic, not a mere story. It is the History of India, of Bharat.

Details to Exploration Revealed Practical Existence of Mahabharata​

Now the urge of history has covered the full brain. More, they need more, they need everything. There is no need to go anywhere! All is here. Janmejaya letter explored from Kiskindha by ASI. Dated and it matches exactly what date is said. How the dates can be matched? Who knows the right time of Mahabharata? Vyasa, did an excellent job to mentioned planetary observations of any event. Oh! such intelligence! Method of calculating days and nights, months and years can change, but planets – they take millions of years to change position. Astrologers from different corners of the world came ahead, sat down with the Jaya, the first part of Mahabharata and starts matching the dates of Mahabharata war with that of present systems. Yes, here that is! Exactly what has been mentioned! Wow, how can he be so much accurate! His works gives a detail of entire list of Historic Characters during that time. Not only that, works of Gargacharya was also explored hence after and from there the entire Krishna Leela had been explored.

New Pages of History Established​

Now there remains no doubt at all. Start framing the entire epic, the epic written before to that. Is that real too? Of course must be – If one is true, then all are true. Need more proofs. India government finds that accidentally. ASI jumps to the Indian ocean to inspect whether the Adam’s Bridge can be broken – so that ships can flow easily from India to Srilanka. Do you know what they found – They found two rocks are attached with each other in the seas using clay. Dating was made, it recorded 10000 years from now. Oh my goodness! Double to the time of Now to Mahabharata! Its the ancient most bridge made by man!! No other doubts are needed to be clarified. All are absolute truth.