Draupadi becomes common wife of Pandavas

wife of Pandavas
Draupadi taken to the potter house after Arjuna wins her in Swayamvar Sabha. Kunti states to distribute the alms brought by the five brothers. Yudhisthira decides Draupadi to be their common wife. Krishna reaches Pandavas with Balaram. Dhristadyumna observes everything from shade and informs the same to Drupada, the King.

Swayamvar Sabha of Draupadi

swayamvar sabha of draupadi
Dhristadyumna places two conditions in the competition of Draupadi Swayamvar. The first was to lift up the heavy bow and the second was to target fish eye, looking at its reflection. None of Kshatriyas assembled in the ampitheatre could make that feat. Finally, Karna comes and he was denied by Draupadi, since he was not a kshatriya. When Karna left, Brahmanas were called and among them Arjuna came out. Later with Duryodhana's provocation, all kshatriyas attacked Drupada, but Bhima Arjuna baffled everyone.

Birth of Draupadi – Swayamvar Parva

birth of draupadi
This episode starts with the loss of Drupada at the hands of Pandavas and Drupada's humiliation to Drona. Drona wished revenge and arranged a Yagna for a son. From the Yagna fire, rises Dhritadyumna and Draupadi. Draupadi was opulent in beauty and auspicious in all possible ways. Krishna suggests Drupada to arrange swayamvar for Draupadi.
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