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Today is: 20th February, 2019, Wednesday
Today is: 20th February, 2019, Wednesday

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Varnasram: the essence of Social Science – Kali Yuga end Sign – Part 3

Kalki Purana clearly states the sign of Golden Yuga that would succeed the Kali Yuga. The sign is none other than Varnasram. It states that re-establishment of Varnasram is the first and the foremost job of Kalki Avatar and hence it can be assumed clearly that the end sign of Kali Yuga is none other than the flourishing of Varnasram. Now many has the question in mind – why Varnasram? the major reason for that is the very worse impression of Varnasram to the fellows of Kali Yuga, especially shown and established by the Society of Kali Yuga. Keeping that in mind, a clear understanding of Varnasram is essential, especially to understand the end sign of Kali Yuga.

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